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Love the G37 sedan but can't justify the cost? Try a 2007-2008 instead

Do you love the Infiniti G37 sedan, its lines, options, performance? How about its price? With its main nemesis, the similarly configured BMW 335, pulling in a hefty $10k premium over that of the G37 it can seem like a deal. But, to some, the price is still too high to reach for or the current financial environment is too scary to plunge into a new car with a price that can reach into the mid $40k range. Is there an option?

Yes, the answer lies within the used card market in the form of the 2007-08 Infiniti G35 sedan.

2nd Generation G-Series Overview:
Launched for sale on November of 2006 Infiniti released the current generation of the G model lineup which continues in the form of the 2010 G37. The 2007-08 G35's have the same styling and the majority of options that are available with the current G37, yet in today’s secondary market they can be quite a deal. Another positive aspect is they can still be found with mileage below the Infiniti 60k bumper to bumper warranty. In effect, any manufacturing defect can still be repaired at no cost to the consumer should such a problem come to light during ownership.

What are the differences between the various models years of the 2nd Generation G?

Models offered
There are no major differences between the years for the models offered. The 2007+ G-Series are all offered in Base, Journey, AWD, and Sport Packages. The main mechanical differences revolve around the motor and transmissions offered:

  • 2007-2008 G35 Engine: VQ35HR 3.5L v6, 306hp @ 6800, 268tq @ 5200
  • 2007-2008 G35 Transmission: 6sp Manual or 5sp automatic with downshift rev-matching
  • 2009-2010 G37 Engine: VQ37VHR 3.7L v6, 328 bhp @ 7000 rpm, 269tq @ 5200
  • 2007-2008 G37 Transmission: 6sp Manual or 7sp automatic with downshift rev-matching

  • 2008+ Sport Package AWD: Red “S” badge, unique front fascia and side sills; sport-style seats w/thigh extension and power thigh and torso support; aluminum pedals and foot rest; 18-inch lightweight cast aluminum-alloy wheels.

    All 2007-2010 G-series sedans utilize the same generation body design. 2009+ models come with some minor differences in the lower valence areas, the use of smaller G-Coupe style side mirrors, and come with Scratch Guard paint. 2010 receives revised headlights and grill (along with a new Sports package restyle) utilizing fog lights in the lower fascia instead of their previous location in the headlight cluster. They also sport a revised rear fascia with an improved exhaust finisher treatment.

    2007 models feature 17” standard aluminum alloy wheels with 18” staggered alloys for Sport edition models. 2008 added new 18” alloy wheels for the G35x edition (late availability). 2009 added revised 18” alloys for AWD and Sport packaged models. 2010 models feature a new 17-inch 5-spoke “triple forks” aluminum-alloy wheel design along with a non-staggered 18” all-season wheel package.

    2007-2009 Sport 6MT and Sport Package-equipped RWD models offer an optional Four-Wheel Active Steer system, which helps improve vehicle handling performance by varying the front steering ratio and adjusting the geometry of the rear suspension according to steering input and vehicle speed. This option was dropped in 2010.

    2008+ adds Viscous Limited Slip Differential to the Journey package.

    2009+ Sport models (non-AWD) have sport brakes added to the package which include 4-piston front/2-piston rear calipers and large 14-inch front and 13.8-inch rear rotors. Sport Brake package is not available with AWD models.

    2010 Sport models includes the 14.7:1 sport-tuned steering gear that is utilized in the coupe.

    Standard “Washi”-style textured aluminum-alloy accents, Intelligent Key with Push Button ignition, Illuminated entry, 8-way power driver's and 4-way power passenger's leather seats, Cruise Control, Standard audio system with in-dash CD player, Infiniti controller, Audio/Video input ports, one-touch auto up/down windows, Fine Vision gauges with white and violet illumination, Infiniti Controller with 7-inch color display, Infiniti analog clock, and digital auto temperature control with micro filtration and rear heater vents, Bi-Xenon HID’s are all standard across the lineup. Packages add other options like NAV, Bose 9.3GB Music Box, BlueTooth, Rearview Monitor, etc. Differences between the years are:

    2007-2009 Optional AFS (Adaptive Front lighting System) automatically controls the headlight lighting pattern according to steering angle and vehicle speed to help provide better visibility at night. This option was dropped for 2010 and replaced with an Advanced Climate Control System with Plamacluster air purifier and rain-sensing function for wipers.

    2008 adds compass to interior mirror, a Driver’s audio Stage, and a iPod interface.

    2009 adds MP3 playback function to the Bose system along with XM NavTraffic.

    2010 adds a 2GB Music Box Flash Memory Music Server to the Premium Package, additional USB connection port which replaces the audio/video input ports, Lane Guidance and 3-D building graphics, Zagat Survey restaurant reviews, XM NavWeather, streaming audio via Bluetooth, DVD-Video playback, and rear sonar system as part of the optional packages.

    *For specific information concerning models and options for each year please consult

    Reviewed Performance:
    Performance reviews of the 3.5L equipped G35 vs. the 3.7L equipped G37 are not very clear in the press. The G35’s have been rated anywhere from 5.1 – 5.6 sec 0-60 with ¼ mile times coming in around 13.8-14.1 seconds. The G37’s, which are slightly heavier than the G35’s, have been rated from 5.0-5.5 0-60 with 13.5-13.9 ¼ mile times.

    From a price point it’s hard to argue the cost benefit of the 2007-2008 G35 Sedan when compared with the current G37 variant. Same body styles, same interior styles, same base options, similar packages and add-on’s. The question you must answer for yourself is whether paying close to 2x the price for a new G37 is worth it or not. If money is tight, you at least have options.

    Article by: Matthew Moody, Nissan enthusiast and Adminstrator at Nissan Infiniti Car Owners Forum.

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