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Welcome to my little piece of web. Below are my online passions and reflect some of the time I spend while online. As you can tell I am heavily involved in Nissan and Infiniti online communities and perform quite a bit of web development and even writing reviews, tech information and other online articles. Check back often as content will constantly be added.

Nissan and Infiniti auto information articles Nissan and Infiniti Reviews and Information
A page dedicated to Nissan and Infiniti model reviews and information. Look here for generic vehicle information along with personal articles written about the vehicles from yours truly
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Nissan Maxima Homepage 2002 Nissan Maxima SE
Purchased new in 2002 this car has seen everything from drag racing to car shows. Information contained presents quite a few years of ownership and covers various events and meets, racing, modification
journal, modification how-to's, vehicle information, car audio installations and box/wiring diagrams and how-to information. Look for my Graphics page for Photoshop work I have performed as well.
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photoshop graphics page Car Graphics Page
Over the years I have worked with graphics programs to make changes to cars. My current tool of the trade is Adobe Photoshop and this page highligts the majority of "car chops" that I have performed. From mild to
wild, my only limitations are my ability, mind, and laziness. Click any image to see the full sized chop.
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Infiniti G37 Main Page Infiniti G37 Coupe Page
I purchased the new Infiniti G37 Coupe in May 2008. This is now my little piece of the web dedicated to life with the first RWD coupe I've owned in 15 years...
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Car Audio Page 28 Years of Sound
My car audio page. From basic overviews of installs I have performed in the past to those within the last few years. Diagrams, box building, fiberglass door enclosures, how to use polyfill, etc. are found here.
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2002 Nissan Maxima

Car Audio

Infiniti G37

infiniti g37 coupe

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