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Infiniti diagnostics

Infiniti Configuration and Adjustments Menu

The Confirmation and Adjustments Menu allows for calibration and tuning of system settings

To dive into the Confirmation and Adjustments Menu, select one of the 15 main menu options below:

Infiniti Configuration and Adjustments Menu

Confirmation and Adjustments Menu Options:

  • Display Diagnostics
  • Vehicle Signals
  • Speaker Test
  • Climate Control
  • Navigation
  • Error History
  • Synchronize FES Clock*
  • Vehicle CAN Diagnostics
  • AV Comm Diagnostics
  • Handsfree Phone
  • Camera Continuity
  • BlueTooth
  • SAT
  • Delete Unit Connection Log**
  • Initialize Settings***

  • * Synchronize FES Clock: Turns FES (Familly Entertainment System) clock synchronization function ON/OFF.

    ** Delete Unit Connection Log: Deletes any unit connection records and error records from the AV control unit memory.

    *** Initialize Settings: Deletes data stored in HDD

    NOTE: Non-Navigation only provides 9 menu options vs. Nav-equipped which have 15


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